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Clinical Study

The natural, active ingredient in the Hair Growth Kit was clinically studied for 150 days to examine its hair cycle restoration properties. The study demonstrated that it effectively stimulated new hair growth, decreased hair loss, and extended the growth phase.

13.500New hairs
17,3%Improved hair density
57%Hair loss reduction
27%Increased follicle activation
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Utilizing Plant Stem Cell Technology, the HAIRGEN BOOSTER DEVICE optimizes the body's natural processes, enabling deep hair nutrition.

It is designed to stimulate hair growth by optimizing the absorption of the Activator Ampoule. To achieve this, it utilizes 999 disk needles to create 150,000 of microscopic channels that penetrate the top layer of the scalp, thereby enhancing blood flow and nutritional distribution to active and inactive follicles.

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Activator Solution HR3 MATRIX

Our patented HR³ MATRIX MESOPECIA SYSTEM FOR HAIR & SCALP is an innovative hair and scalp care solution that applies advanced bio-engineering technology to tackle hair troubles at their root cause. It is designed to stimulate inactive follicles and prevent hair loss.

Its unique composition of three actives targets hair growth, thickness, and strength by boosting energy cycles during the night when hair growth processes are most active in the scalp. The solution has been proven to be an effective solution for hair growth.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Efficient Hair Care

Innovative hair and scalp therapy system that leverages the GENOSYS SERENE 9999 and special materials for regrowth, restoration and regeneration of hair. By inhibiting the formation of 5α-reductases, the key enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the leading cause of male hair loss, this system is a game-changer. Furthermore, it promotes “Angiogenesis” and “Vasodilation” through key ingredients such as VEGF, Copper Tripeptide-1, and the HAIR RE³ GF COMPLEX. These two processes improve blood circulation, delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

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